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Title: Address: Tel: Fax: Email: 27/Nov/17 Website: 27/Nov/06 m/ Pilot vacancies webpage: 27/Nov/17 Online application form link: submit new information Bases For. 13/Mar/18 Overall Hiring Situation (ve/neutral/-ve Positive 29/May/18 submit new Wizz Air pilot jobs information Wizz Air Pilot Jobs Entry Requirements (including preferred pilot schools) last update Captain 3500 factored hours, including 1000 hours PIC A320 or 1500 PIC Jet aircraft 15/Apr/10 FO TR FO A320. You can practice aptitude and psychometric tests here. ASK increased thanks to A321 fleet growth. Sim evaluation Practice aptitude and psychometric tests here. One way price including taxes, administration and other non-optional charges and one hand luggage (max: 55x40x23cm). Net profit 22 to 275mln on a 24 revenue increase to 1,9bln. Each piece of checked-in baggage is subject to additional fees. Bagagli da stiva sono soggetti al pagamento del rispettivo supplemento.

Prezzo per volo di sola andata, tasse costi amministrativi e altre tariffe non facoltative inclusi con un bagaglio a mano (misure max: 55x40x23 cm). Il numero di posti ai prezzi indicati limitato. Focusing on major bases. Brief Payscale (please state whether before or after tax) (please ignore if the detailed payscale above is up to date) last update, capt top 81 000 EUR base sector pay (before tax) 14/May/18, capt base 45 000 EUR base sector pay(before tax) 14/May/18, fO top. Tech test, group exercise. 7 questions, 30 seconds before each question to prepare your answer before camera records you. Closing KSC, LUZ and PRG. State pension only, varies with country of contract.

29/May/18 Outlook: Opening LTN and VIE. Closed: LUZ, PRG and KSC (click to look-up airport codes ) 12/Feb/18 submit new information. 2/Apr/18 submit new information Fleet last update Current: 67x A320 and 26x A321 29/May/18 Orders: 110x A321 ordered in 2015, 72x A320neo and 74x A321neo in 2017, deleveries as from 2022. Staff travel 25 per motor trend on demand promo code ticket for employee (unlimited -25 off wizz discount club for 5 companions, number of free tickets varies per time in company 14/May/18 Discounted holidays None 15/Apr/10 submit new information Wizz Air Pilot Jobs Situation last update Current Situation: Hiring. 14/May/18 submit new information, conditions for Wizz Air Pilot Jobs last update, roster 5/4 guaranteed - not all bases; 6/4 but not guaranteed; 6/2/6/7 for commuters; fully random for extra (400 FO, 600 CPT) 14/May/18, leave as per Hungarian Labor code 15/Apr/10. Outlook very positive, but not enough pilots.

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